Picking The Right Food For Your Dog

Dogs are wonderful creatures to share our lives with, and they need just as much care as humans. All dogs need to be fed properly, though we always have the question of what that might be. There are individuals who give their dog’s human food, while others strictly give dog food. 

Is it wise to feed your dog human food? Most dogs are related to the wolf family a very carnivorous bunch, which means they need to have meat in their diet. This does not mean human food is the correct food for them. It is best to find a dog food product where the first ingredient is meat. Make sure it is real meat and not some processed substitute. Feeding your dog human food is a bad idea because it can be too greasy for them and block their arteries. Dogs have very sensitive digestive tracks so they are susceptible to diarrhea and upset stomachs if you change their food. It is best to find a dog food you prefer and that is healthy for them. You also want to keep them on the same food. Changing food can cause problems. If you feel you need to change food, you should slowly integrate the new food with the old until you have fully replaced the old. This should take two weeks or a little more. Dogs when full grown should be fed once a day at the same time.

Picking the right food for your dog will often mean not feeding them human food, but checking the ingredients of dog food found in the stores. You want to keep your dog just as healthy as you would want to keep yourself. Proper nutrition for any animal is important to have your dog around for many years. Some types of dogs are more susceptible to disease, like dogs with heart problems, but they can be monitored through proper care.